For hospitals

Your strong partner in wound care.
We continue to care for your patients seamlessly.
Less cost and effort for you – more safety and better care for your patients

We help with discharge management.

Our ICW wound experts can help you seamlessly discharge or transition your patients from the hospital to outpatient care at home.

We help you organize discharge in the patient’s outpatient network and help significantly reduce readmissions to the hospital due to wound deterioration (“minimizing the revolving door effect”).


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How we continue to care for your patients:

1Easy Registration

Register a new wound patient by phone or online through our website. Even in urgent situations, medical is here for you.

2Precise Wound Assessement

A wound expert examines your patient's wound and coordinates the individual care recommendation with your treating general practitioner or specialist.

3Prescription Management and Delivery

We collect prescriptions for dressing materials for our mutual patients from the doctor and deliver the materials free of charge to the patient's home or care facility.

4Regular wound visits

Our wound experts regularly visit our mutual patients to check the wound's healing status. We create guideline-compliant wound documentation and initiate the supply of the appropriate wound materials. At the same time, we provide nursing staff with guidance on the proper handling of wound care materials and are available for any questions at any time.

Better chances of faster healing

with precise care and modern wound material.

Dressing changes are usually painless because the material does not stick to the wound. Since we are strictly manufacturer-neutral, we use not only materials with which we have already had good experience, but also those that are ideally suited to the patient’s current wound status.

By referring your patients to a professional post-acute care provider like medical, you know your patients are in good hands when it comes to wound care, which means there are no delays in discharge due to wounds and you can make the most of DRG case rates.

Fast patient admission:

We are happy to come to the hospital for the first wound visit.

On weekdays we can assure appointments within 24 hours. Ideally, we will already come to your hospital and record the wound together with the attending physicians and/or nursing staff. Thus, a professional handover is possible.

This establishes trust and a feeling of security for the patient. He is seamlessly transferred by us from the hospital to outpatient care. The first dressing change at home is thus ensured.

for hospitals

Everything under control with regular wound visits and safe wound image documentation.

With regular wound rounds and MDK-safe wound image documentation

Our wound experts conduct regular wound rounds on the patient. Wound status, wound materials and any changes in care are precisely documented.

Of course, this type of documentation is recognized by health insurance companies and the associated medical services.

A strong network

If one of your patients needs a nursing service or a place in a nursing home, we surely can help:

medical operates throughout Germany and therefore can rely on a broad network in the healthcare and nursing sector.

Still any questions?
We have answers.

medical is an expert in the entire field of wound care We therefore look after all types of wounds:

  • Decubitus (“pressure ulcer”)
  • Ulcus cruris (“open leg”)
  • Diabetic foot syndrome
  • Wounds after (work) accidents
  • Post-surgery wounds
  • Burns and chemical burns
  • Wounds after amputations
  • Tumor Wounds 

We are your top contact for all types of wounds.
Contact us now!

medical creates a seamless transition from the hospital to the patient’s own private home or nursing home. This not only allows for an early discharge from the hospital, but also provides direct, individual and optimal care for the wounds. Through the initial visit  – which, if desired, can already take place in the clinic shortly before discharge -. patients have the opportunity to already contact their personal wound experts. Furthermore Fears and insecurities will be reduced.

Of course, guidance of the nursing staff by our medical wound experts is possible. In fact, this is our clear Target. This is because the better the level of knowledge of all service providers involved in the care, the faster it becomes apparent that success. Our highly qualified personnel have extensive knowledge of both the professional modern wound care as well as expertise in training nursing staff in the correct handling of the wound care materials used.

medical is a nationwide, unique service provider in wound care. We therefore impress with a broad spectrum of wound care:

  • Easy registration with the option for an online visit
  • Precise wound recording and wound documentation of the healing process
  • regular wound visits by our medical wound experts
  • Care of all types of chronic and acute wounds
  • modern, partially fluid-absorbent, odorless wound material, which allows atraumatic dressing change
  • Monday to Friday appointments within 24 hours. On weekends and holidays feedback with appointment proposals in the course of the morning of the following working day.
  • Less pain and an improved chance of a lasting healing
  • Eligible
  • more flexibility for patients, relatives and the professional partners involved

Personally there for you:

Katharina Demiray

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