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medical wound management is a pioneer in modern wound care.

Manufacturer neutral

Small detail, big impact!

medical Wound Management procures its consumables for wound care exclusively from original manufacturers and is vendor-neutral in its product selection.

This is important, on the one hand, to ensure the quality of the materials and, on the other hand, to be able to select the appropriate dressing materials for our patients according to their current wound status.

Reliable care

What makes us unique are not only our modern materials for wound care, the professional approach of our wound experts or our quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 – we are also characterized by our clear focus on patient well-being and our responsibility towards our employees.

We accompany every kind
of wound

Whether burn wounds, wounds after surgery or chronic wounds with long-term treatment:

We accompany every kind of wound.

Our goal is to provide patients with the best possible support in the treatment of their wounds, thus enabling them to participate in everyday life and enjoy a high level of quality of life, and to promote the fastest possible healing. That is why we are always at our patients’ side.

The experts for discharge management

We assist in the expeditious transition from the hospital to the home and provide expert care for wound patients at home. If desired, we also involve caregivers or family members in the healing process.

This not only relieves the burden on professionals in the healthcare system, but also helps patients settle back into a familiar environment more quickly.

Professional partner for health care heroes

In our strong network, we work hand in hand with hospitals, general practitioners, specialists, nursing services and homes throughout Germany.

We have created a nationwide care network to ensure smooth processes between healthcare institutions and patients.

Our experts, Germany-wide:

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Insights at medical

Still any questions?
We have answers.

medical wound management offers a number of benefits. Not only do we care for all types of wounds, but you also benefit from:

  • a rapid patient admission – if necessary also with the help of our digital wound rounds
  • a treatment by certified wound experts
  • a training of the nursing staff as well as the relatives if necessary
  • a MDK-safe documentation
  • a shortened treatment time
  • our quality management is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015
  • a realization of regular wound visits
  • a manufacturer-neutral product selection for an optimal healing process
  • higher patient compliance due to significantly less painful dressing changes with the appropriate wound dressings
  • prescription management
  • regular material delivery free of charge
  • a possible change of the therapy method if necessary and after consultation with your treating general practitioner / specialist

It only takes 4 small steps to register with medical wound management. Quickly and without complications, we can already professionally care for your wound on the next working day and guarantee a flawless healing process. For this you only need to:

1. register by telephone or online, whereupon

2. a wound recording takes place. Here, you will be visited by our wound experts at home, in your family doctor’s office or in the hospital. If it has to be quicker, you are also welcome to make use of our online wound visit.

3. in coordination with your resident physician, an individual therapy plan is determined and the physician provides us with prescriptions for the dressing material.

4. And the supply by medical can already start. From now on, our wound experts will visit you regularly to get an idea of the current wound status. The delivery of the modern wound dressings is free of charge. If desired, there is also the possibility of training relatives and caregivers of their nursing service or home.

The medi Wound Mobile is a mobile service from medical that gives patients more flexibility by allowing them to choose a free treatment location. This also allows for more discretion and tremendous relief in everyday life.

Currently, the Wound Mobile functions as medical’s flagship product and is thus used sporadically, especially for trade fairs and for those interested in healthcare. If you are interested in testing, you are welcome to contact us so that we may consider you in our testing phase.

In the future, the medi Wound Mobile will be used throughout the country, making wound visits even more pleasant and uncomplicated.

Our service is free of charge for our patients. The dressing materials used are reimbursable with a prescription from the attending physician. For patients with statutory health insurance, we bill your health insurance company directly. Private patients receive an invoice from us for the prescribed dressing materials, which they can then have reimbursed by their private health insurance. For those with statutory health insurance, the only charge is the prescription fee, which is a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 euros. We take care of the complete process around your supply of the necessary dressing materials, so that you can fully concentrate on your recovery and your everyday life.

As a nationwide service provider, medical Wound Management is represented throughout Germany and is there for you everywhere. If you have any concerns, we will call you back as quickly as possible from Monday to Friday.

Personally there for you:

Katharina Demiray

Customer Service