Wound Management
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Your strong partner in wound care. We support you in wound care for your patients.

For medical practices .
This is how we help.

Ongoing treatment of a chronic wound can quickly become costly.

The individual treatment needs of patients and the provision of the appropriate material often pose a logistical challenge. medical Wundmanagemment covers the care of your wound patients completely and reliably.

From wound anamnesis and the constant supply of state-of-the-art materials to regular checks of the wound status in the patient’s home, we are your competent contact and service provider in matters of wound care.


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We take care of your patients' wounds in 4 easy steps:

1Easy Registration

Register a new wound patient by phone or online through our website. Even in urgent situations, medical is here for you.

2Precise Wound Assessement

A wound expert examines your patient's wound and coordinates the individual care recommendation with your treating general practitioner or specialist.

3Prescription Management and Delivery

We collect prescriptions for dressing materials for our mutual patients from the doctor and deliver the materials free of charge to the patient's home or care facility.

4Regular wound visits

Our wound experts regularly visit our mutual patients to check the wound's healing status. We create guideline-compliant wound documentation and initiate the supply of the appropriate wound materials. At the same time, we provide nursing staff with guidance on the proper handling of wound care materials and are available for any questions at any time.

Manufacturer-neutral product selection

Through our comprehensive expertise, we are in a position to selectively materials for the specific wounds and to apply them professionally. With modern wound care materials, dressing changes are usually painless for the patient, as the wound does not dry out, the material does not stick to the wound, and thus atraumatic dressing changes are possible.

As we work strictly manufacturer-neutral, we only use materials which we already had good experience with. In combination with the professional work of our experienced wound managers, this has an extremely positive effect on wound healing as well as the duration of treatment.

Reliable care

Prescribing appropriate materials and regular and proper follow-up care of the wound is critical to the healing process and duration of wound treatment.

It’s good to know that you can rely on a strong team of experienced ICW wound experts who are on the job every day in modern, outpatient wound care!

Your advantages
at a glance:

Zukunft der ambulanten Wundversorgung

Digital wound documentation

How to stay up to date

During the wound visit, our wound experts perform regular wound documentation.

Wound status, wound materials and any changes in care are precisely documented, including the wound image. If you wish, you can view all data through your personal online access.

This type of documentation is of course recognized by health insurance companies and the associated medical service.

Appointment within 24 hours – we are fast

Your patient will not have to wait long

If you register your patient or the patient contacts us digitally or by phone, we can offer an appointment within 24 hours on weekdays.

If the patient registers over the weekend, he or she will receive a proposed appointment for the same day or Tuesday morning directly on Monday morning.

Still any questions?
We have answers.

medical is a nationwide expert in the field of wound care. Our expertly trained staff works professionally and accurately   and treats wounds of all types:

  • Decubitus (“pressure ulcer”)
  • Ulcus cruris (“open leg”)
  • Diabetic foot
  • Wounds after (work) accidents
  • Post-surgery wounds
  • Burns and chemical burns
  • Wounds after amputations
  • Wounds after tumor removal

So no matter what type of wound your patients have, medical is here to provide professional, empathetic and reliable support whenever you need us.

The wound assessment takes place in 4 simple steps:

1. First of all, register your patient by telephone or digitally using our online form or by email.

2. Our wound experts examine the patient’s wound at home, in the doctor’s office or in the nursing home. If you need to do it quickly, we recommend our digital wound visit.

3. Our wound expert recommends to you as the physician individually suitable materials for the care of the wound for the patient, on which the prescription is issued in consultation with you as the attending physician.

4. The wound care already takes place afterwards: From now on, our wound experts assess the current wound status of the joint patients at regular intervals – whether at home, in your practice, in a nursing home or, in the future, at a location of your choice in our medi Wound Mobile. Modern wound dressings are delivered free of charge. On request, we can also instruct the patient, the relatives or nursing services to carry out wound care independently.

Regular wound visits can take place either at the respective patient’s home, at the primary care physician’s office, or online. In this case, patients are completely free to arrange the visits to their commodity. In some places, our medi Wound Mobile will soon be in use – as our flagship product. In the future, this will offer the possibility of a mobile wound visit wherever the patient may wish.

The large number of options offers a wide range of possibilities for patients to organize their daily lives more freely and without constraints. medical also guides the patient, their relatives or caregivers regarding proper wound care to create even more freedom for those affected.

In addition, medical Wound Management offers training courses on various focal points of modern wound care for our professional partners…. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

medical selects its dressing materials on a manufacturer-neutral basis in order to be able to guarantee the best quality and most modern wound care for the respective wound.

Our wound materials used also relieve pressure, neutralize odors and do not stick to the wounds. This prevents re-opening of the wound and ensures the patient more freedom with weeping or smelling wounds.

Our service is free of charge for our patients. The dressing materials used are reimbursable with a prescription from the attending physician. For patients with statutory health insurance, we settle the bill directly with your health insurance company. Private patients receive an invoice from us for the prescribed dressing materials, which they can then have reimbursed by their private health insurance. For those with statutory health insurance, the only charge is the prescription fee, which is a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 euros. We take care of the complete process around your supply of the necessary dressing materials, so that you can fully concentrate on your recovery and your everyday life.

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