The future starts now!

For the patient. For healthcare professionals. With us.

medical is already setting the standard for modern wound care – with a clear vision for tomorrow.

Pioneers today –
for the standard of tomorrow.

In the market for modern wound care, our innovations set the benchmark. medical has put the first wound mobile on the road in Germany, which enables professional wound care to be provided independently of the patient’s home.

With the help of our digital wound visit, we can ensure the immediate assessment of wound conditions as well as the care of our patients and reduce the effort for the professionals to a new minimum.

Patient care:
flexible and location-independent

In the medi Wound Mobile, wound care is
done according to the requirements the hygienic requirements of the HKP guideline and the RKI.

This enables comprehensive wound care and provides patients with an entirely new level of flexibility in their daily lives.

Digital wound visit

With the digital wound visit, there is no need for an on-site appointment to determine treatment needs, as our wound experts are also available via video chat and have the ability to network with other care providers – such as the attending physician – through this.

Future of Wound Care:
We are investing in these technologies.

Artificial intelligence.

medical Wound Management will firmly integrate AI into regular processes. In doing so, we aim to utilize all scientifically available knowledge for assessing your wound, in order to provide you with the best possible therapy in consultation with your primary/specialist physician. 

Augmented Reality

When digital elements seamlessly integrate into our environment, it significantly simplifies our daily lives. We aim to provide patients, their families, and our partners with simplified wound care through AR applications.