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Your strong partner in wound care. We take care of wound care for your nursing home residents and nursing patients.

we take
work off your hands.

The care of nursing home residents and nursing patients with chronic wounds is usually complex and time-consuming work for the nursing staff. Especially if the wound heals very slowly or only with difficulty.

Together with medical Wundmanagement, you can ensure that the patient’s wound receives the best possible care. This increases the chances of healing and at the same time brings some relief to the nursing staff.


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This is how we take over wound care:

1Easy Registration

Register a new wound patient by phone or online through our website. Even in urgent situations, medical is here for you.

2Precise Wound Assessement

A wound expert examines your patient's wound and coordinates the individual care recommendation with your treating general practitioner or specialist.

3Prescription Management and Delivery

We collect prescriptions for dressing materials for our mutual patients from the doctor and deliver the materials free of charge to the patient's home or care facility.

4Regular wound visits

Our wound experts regularly visit our mutual patients to check the wound's healing status. We create guideline-compliant wound documentation and initiate the supply of the appropriate wound materials. At the same time, we provide nursing staff with guidance on the proper handling of wound care materials and are available for any questions at any time.

For nursing services

“The wound material reaches the patient within 48 hours. The next time we as a nursing service come for wound care, everything is already there!”

We are in constant contact with medical because we value consultation with wound experts.

The wound managers are insanely well trained and punctual – we or the patients never have to wait.

Most of the time, we have wound closure in as little as three to five months – even for large wounds.”

Marzena Szweblik,
Inh. Pflegedienst Merge


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Better chances of faster healing

with precise care and modern wound material.

The dressing changes are usually painless because the material does not stick to the wound. Since we are strictly manufacturer-neutral, we only use materials which we already had good experiences with.

In combination with the professional work of our experienced wound managers, this has an extremely positive effect on the treatment’s duration – and on the patients involved. This means that in many cases the DRG flat rate per case can be used in the best possible way.

Fast patient admission:

appointments in 24 hours – that is our service promise

On weekdays we can assure appointments within 24 hours. We will then visit you personally at the nursing home and record the wound.

In addition, we also offer digital wound visits, if desired.

Your advantages
at a glance:

We support you with wounds of all kinds.

Still any questions?
We have answers.

It is entirely possible for medical wound experts to instruct nursing staff or relatives how to care for wounds. This offers more flexibility and freedom to your patients. medical delivers wound material free of charge and comes at longer intervals to document the healing process.

Our expert staff have expertise both in appropriate and well-founded wound care and in training relatives and nursing staff, so that optimal wound treatment can also be provided by third parties.

Our dressing materials are of pressure-free, fluid-absorbent and odor-neutralizing quality. Thus, medical allows more flexibility in the patient’s daily routine and a pain-free treatment.

medical creates a seamless transition from the hospital to the patient’s private home or nursing home. This not only allows for an early discharge from the hospital, but also provides direct, individual and optimal care for the wounds. During the initial visit, patients have the opportunity to contact their personal wound managers. As a result, fears and insecurities are reduced.

Medical must be contacted by the hospitals and booked for the respective patient. After the appointment has been confirmed, a wound visit takes place. This can take place either on site, in the hospital, or online. This is followed by regular wound visits, during which the current healing process is documented in detail, and the wounds are treated appropriately.

medical is an expert in the entire field of wound care Thus, we care for all the various types of wounds:

  • Decubitus (“pressure ulcer”)
  • Ulcus cruris (“open leg”)
  • Diabetic foot
  • Wounds after (work) accidents
  • Post-surgery wounds
  • Burns and chemical burns
  • Wounds after amputations
  • Wounds after tumor removal

We are your top contact for all types of wounds.
Contact us now!

Es bedarf nur 4 kleiner Schritte bis zur Anmeldung eines Patienten bei medical Wundmanagement. Unter der Woche können wir bereits am Folgetag die Wunde des Patienten professionell betreuen und einen einwandfreien Heilungsprozess garantieren. Dafür müssen Sie den Patienten lediglich:

1. telefonisch (+49 4107 907 67 76) oder online anmelden, woraufhin

2. eine Wundaufnahme stattfindet. Hierbei wird der Patient von unseren Wundexperten zu Hause, in der Hausarztpraxis oder im Krankenhaus besucht. Wenn es schneller gehen muss, können Sie auch gerne Gebrauch von unserer Online-Wundvisite machen.

3. In Abstimmung mit dem niedergelassenen Arzt wird ein individueller Therapieplan festgelegt und der Arzt stellt Rezepte für das Verbandsmaterial aus.

4. Schon kann die Versorgung durch medical starten. Unsere Wundexperten besuchen den Patienten von nun an regelmäßig, um sich ein Bild vom aktuellen Wundstatus zu machen und um diesen zu dokumentieren. Die Lieferung der modernen Wundauflagen erfolgt frei Haus. Auf Wunsch gibt es zudem die Möglichkeit zur Anleitung des Pflegepersonals.

medical is a nationwide, unique service provider in wound care. We therefore impress with a broad spectrum of wound care:

  • easy registration with the option for an online visit
  • precise wound recording and wound documentation of the healing process
  • regular wound visits by our medical wound experts
  • care of all types of chronic and acute wounds
  • modern, liquid-absorbing, odorless wound material that reduces pain
  • monday to friday appointments within 24 hours on weekends and public holidays, feedback with suggested appointments during the morning hours of the following working day
  • less pain and an improved chance of lasting healing
  • complication-free billing via health insurance
  • more participation in everyday life and more flexibility for patients, caregivers and the professionals involved

Personally there for you:

Katharina Demiray

Customer Service