Wound healing
for relatives

How does wound healing work? How can I help?
And what role does medical play?

We help your loved ones.

Caring for chronic or acute wounds often presents an organizational challenge for family members of those affected.

No matter what type of wound it is: medical will not let you down as a relative either! We care for the wounds, take care of the prescription requirements, deliver the wound materials to your relatives’ home free of charge and are happy to guide you on how to deal with the wound.

Any costs incurred will be billed to the health insurance company.

4 steps to wound care:

1Easy Registration

Register a new wound patient by phone or online through our website. Even in urgent situations, medical is here for you.

2Precise Wound Assessement

A wound expert examines your patient's wound and coordinates the individual care recommendation with your treating general practitioner or specialist.

3Prescription Management and Delivery

We collect prescriptions for dressing materials for our mutual patients from the doctor and deliver the materials free of charge to the patient's home or care facility.

4Regular wound visits

Our wound experts regularly visit our mutual patients to check the wound's healing status. We create guideline-compliant wound documentation and initiate the supply of the appropriate wound materials. At the same time, we provide nursing staff with guidance on the proper handling of wound care materials and are available for any questions at any time.

We treat wounds of all kinds.

Our wound experts know exactly which therapy methods heal acute wounds the fastest.

The patient in focus.

Our trained professionals specialize in the proper care of chronic wounds. To ensure a high standard of wound care and to achieve ideal outcomes for our patients, all of our wound experts receive regular external training as well as internal training from mentors with decades of practical experience.

Our modern wound material meets all quality standards. At the same time, since it is manufacturer-neutral, the best results can be achieved, so that we can offer our wound patients the best chance of pain-reduced treatment as well as good healing success.

Quality Promise.

Our advanced dressing material absorbs both fluids and odors. This offers great added value to our patients: bandage changes are more comfortable and pain-reduced. At the same time, patients with heavily oozing wounds can once again take part in daily live activities leaving their homes feeling secure.

Wound care by professionals.

Still any questions?
We have answers.

We can provide wound care within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Simply contact us online via our contact form, by mail or by phone. If you need it particularly quickly, please call us on +49 4107 907 67 76.

On weekends as well as holidays, we will get back to you as soon as possible (in the morning of the following working day) with a proposed appointment.

Our service is free of charge for our patients. The dressing materials used are reimbursable with a prescription from the attending physician. For patients with statutory health insurance, we bill your health insurance company directly. Private patients receive an invoice from us for the prescribed dressing materials, which they can then have reimbursed by their private health insurance. For those with statutory health insurance, the only charge is the prescription fee, which is a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 euros. We take care of the complete process around your supply of the necessary dressing materials, so that you can fully concentrate on your recovery and your everyday life.

Depending on the type and severity of your wound, medical wound managers will come to visit your wound at closer or less closely timed regular intervals to assess your wound and accurately document its progress.

Precise and regular documentation of wound status, wound materials and any changes in care that may be required allows the wound progress to be tracked accurately. To our experts, it quickly becomes apparent whether a treatment is successful or needs to be adjusted. All data including wound status and MDK-safe wound image documentation can be viewed at any time.

Of course, this type of documentation is approved by the health insurance companies and the associated medical services. The healing process is thus precisely documented, so that relapses can also be treated directly and correctly, and usually do not even occur. The healing process is thus precisely documented, so that relapses can also be treated directly and correctly, and usually do not even occur.

medical also offers to instruct nursing staff or relatives in wound care. This provides significantly more freedom and flexibility to both the relatives and the patients themselves in their daily routine and can greatly relieve those affected.

Of course, in this case the material will be sent free of charge. Professional guidance and our modern, manufacturer-neutral dressing materials also guarantee pain-reduced and more comfortable care.

Our materials are fluid-absorbent and odorless, which not only renders changing the dressings more agreeable, but also offers the opportunity to participate in daily activities once again.

medical Wound Management only requires a declaration of consent for treatment, which can be revoked at any time, and a prescription so that our services can be billed to health insurance companies.

In the course of this, our wound material is provided free of charge to the patient and the healing process is comprehensively documented so that the wound treatment can be adapted and optimized so that the healing process is accelerated and sustained.

As a family member, you do not have to worry about obtaining the prescription and the wound care materials: We are also happy to take care of this together with the patient’s attending physician.

medical offers you many advantages that are guaranteed to take some of the work off your hands, thus making your and the patient’s life much easier, letting all of you enjoy more freedom and flexibility:

  1. Easy registration and option for online visits
  2. Precise wound recording and wound documentation for the healing process
  3. Regular wound visits by medical experts
  4. Care for all types of chronic and acute wounds
  5. Modern, fluid-absorbent, odorless wound material, which allows for pain-reducing dressing changes
  6. Mondays to Fridays appointments within 24 hours; on weekends and holidays feedback with appointment proposals in the course of the morning of the following working day
  7. Less pain and improved chance of recovery
  8. Uncomplicated billing with the patient’s health insurance company
  9. More participation in everyday life and flexibility for you and your relative

Do not hesitate: make an appointment today!

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