We treat wounds of all kinds.
Nationwide, fast and with care.
The service is for you free of charge.

In the hands of the professionals:

Safety and reliability are our top priorities

Our internal quality management processes are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

That is why thousands of patients throughout Germany trust us.


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Satisfied patients all around

Herzen als Sterne Testimonials

Professionelle Behandlung. Danke!

"Mit medical Wundmanagement haben wir nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Durch die fürsorgliche Arbeit meiner Wundmanagerin, die die Wunde regelmäßig gereinigt und den Verband gewechselt hat, konnte meine Wunde am Bein gut verheilen . So konnte sogar eine Operation verhindert werden, die dank medical nicht mehr notwendig war. Meine Frau und ich sind begeistert!"

Willi Bummund

Herzen als Sterne Testimonials

Immer an meiner Seite

“Nachdem sich der Zustand meiner Wunde bei einem Konkurrenten zunächst verschlechtert hat, konnte Frau Schneider innerhalb kürzester Zeit eine signifikante Verbesserung herbeiführen. Darüber freue ich mich ganz besonders, weil nun die Hoffnung wächst, dass ich schon bald zu meinem Arbeitsplatz zurückkehren kann.”

Wilfried Habeth

Herzen als Sterne Testimonials

Immer an meiner Seite

"Ihre stets freundlichen Mitarbeiter:innen vor Ort als auch am Telefon empfand ich immer als sehr kompetent und hilfsbereit. Ab und zu gab es bei der Bestellung der Hilfsmittel ein paar Schwierigkeiten, die aber immer durch ihre Hilfe gelöst werden konnten. Ich empfand es auch als sehr positiv, das meistens die gleiche Wundpflegerin vor Ort kam, die die Wundsituation bestens kennt und auch immer mit Rat und Tat zur Seite steht und auf Fragen eine kompetente Antwort geben kann. Es war nie unangenehm oder stressig. Nochmal vielen Dank an alle und speziell an meine Wundmanagerin Ute."

Wolfgang Specht

Herzen als Sterne Testimonials

Endlich wieder Lebensqualität

"medical Wundmanagement hat sich Zeit für mich genommen. Man konnte dem Heilungsprozess praktisch zusehen. Nun ist die Wunde geschlossen, und ich kann wieder ganz normal an meinem Alltag teilnehmen. Meine Frau und ich sind begeistert – das hätten wir beide nicht für möglich gehalten!"

Georg Palm

Herzen als Sterne Testimonials

Professionelle Behandlung. Danke!

“Frau Ute Standfest besuchte mich im Krankenhaus, sprach mir Mut zu und sprach die Empfehlung aus, dass ich nach Hause entlassen wurde und vom Pflegedienst Merge auch sehr gut versorgt wurde! Sie hat in großem Maße dazu beigetragen, dass meine Wunde, ich bin zuckerkrank, so gut und schnell heilte! Ich bin ihr zu sehr großem Dank verpflichtet und ihrer menschlichen Art. Trotz ihrer Arbeitsbelastung war ich keine Nummer! Sie haben eine tolle Mitarbeiterin!! Vielen Dank dafür!!!”

Gunter Wilde

Our process in 4 easy steps:

1Easy Registration

Register a new wound patient by phone or online through our website. Even in urgent situations, medical is here for you.

2Precise Wound Assessement

A wound expert examines your patient's wound and coordinates the individual care recommendation with your treating general practitioner or specialist.

3Prescription Management and Delivery

We collect prescriptions for dressing materials for our mutual patients from the doctor and deliver the materials free of charge to the patient's home or care facility.

4Regular wound visits

Our wound experts regularly visit our mutual patients to check the wound's healing status. We create guideline-compliant wound documentation and initiate the supply of the appropriate wound materials. At the same time, we provide nursing staff with guidance on the proper handling of wound care materials and are available for any questions at any time.

Wound? medical.

Holistic wound care

Whether it’s a chronic wound, a burn or a surgical wound, we use the latest treatment techniques and materials to ensure an optimal healing process.

Confidential treatment

Our competent wound experts care for you both in the clinic and in outpatient treatment at home.


The mobile supply in our
medi Wundmobil allows you to continue your regular daily routine even during treatment.


Mobile care in our wound mobile allows you to follow your regular daily routine even during treatment.

All around carefree

We deliver all materials free of charge. The prescriptions are reimbursable.

How we help you and your relatives

“If the patient needs me to do more, I consult with them, and that’s taken into consideration.”

Kerly Susander Roca Sancan

Specialist Therapist Wound ICW


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“Since I’ve been back in treatment with medical, it’s gotten a lot better.”

Udo Skibbe

Wound patient


Faster discharge, better care:

With care from medical, patients can leave the hospital sooner and are less likely to need to return to the hospital thanks to the seamless process and advanced wound care. Recovery takes place in the comfort of your own home.

Resources for relatives

Still any questions?
We have answers.

We can ensure wound care from Monday to Friday within 24 hours. Simply contact us online via our contact form or by phone. If you need it particularly quickly, please call us on +49 4107 907 67 76.

After your registration and the associated appointment confirmation, an intake interview will first take place. This can be done either online via our digital wound visit or directly at your home, hospital, nursing home or outpatient in the medi Wound Mobile.

All relevant data as well as their current wound status are recorded. Our wound experts then discuss the therapy proposal with your attending physician and take care of the prescription request for the reimbursable dressing materials. With this prescription, subsequent performance can be billed through our health insurance, medical supplies can be ordered, and therapy approaches can be suggested.

We will send you directly the required dressing material free of charge. Wound visits are then carried out at regular intervals on an outpatient basis at your home, at your family doctor’s, in a nursing home or in the medi Wound Mobile. Thus, you remain flexible in everyday life.

In addition, during the wound visit, our experts perform detailed documentation of the wound status, the wound materials currently used and any changes in care that may be required. This MDK-safe documentation including wound images can be viewed at any time.

It only takes 4 small steps to register with medical wound management. During the week, we can provide professional care for your wound as early as the following day and guarantee a flawless healing process. For this you only need to:

1. Register by telephone (+49 4107 907 67 76) or online, whereupon

2. a wound recording takes place. Here, you will be visited by our wound experts at home, in your family doctor’s office or in the hospital. If it has to be faster, you are also welcome to make use of our online wound visit.

3. In coordination with the resident physician, an individual therapy plan is determined and the physician issues us prescriptions for the dressing material.

4. And the supply by medical can already start. From now on, our wound experts will visit you regularly to get an idea of the current wound status. The delivery of the modern wound dressings is free of charge. If desired, there is also the possibility of guidance of relatives and nursing staff of their nursing service or home.

Our service is free of charge for our patients. The dressing materials used are reimbursable with a prescription from the attending physician. For patients with statutory health insurance, we bill your health insurance company directly. Private patients receive an invoice from us for the prescribed dressing materials, which they can then have reimbursed by their private health insurance. For those with statutory health insurance, the only charge is the prescription fee, which is a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 euros. We take care of the entire process around your supply of the necessary dressing materials, so that you can fully concentrate on your recovery and your everyday life.

medical is a nationwide service provider. No matter where you are in Germany, medical is on site and can assist you with wound care. We offer professional wound care and convince with empathy, care and professionalism.

We are also happy to instruct you as a patient, your relatives or your nursing staff on the proper handling of the dressing materials used – so you are more independent and have more flexibility in everyday life.

For this purpose, we will also be happy to send you our modern, odor-neutralizing and pressure-free dressings.

Personally there for you:

Katharina Demiray

Customer Service