Seamless wound care:

Our expertise. Your service.

From the clinic to your own home: medical’s team of experts takes care of your patients.

We & you – one goal!

Medical Wound Management is your professional service provider in wound management – in both inpatient and outpatient care at home.

Our team of experts supplies discharge management as well as nursing services and physicians alike with an efficient working method and modern materials.


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We & you - one goal!

  • 01. Anmeldung

    Melden Sie sich telefonisch oder online über unser Kontaktformular. Auch wenn es schnell gehen muss, ist unser Service für Sie da.

  • 02. Wundaufnahme

    Ein Wundexperte führt eine Erstvisite durch und stellt die optimale Behandlungsweise fest.

  • 03. Rezept

    Neben der Wundbehandlung umfasst unser Service die Abholung Ihres Rezepts vom Arzt, die Einlösung bei der Apotheke.

  • 04. Versorgung

    Nach Abstimmung mit Ihnen besuchen Sie unsere Wundexperten ab jetzt zur regelmäßigen Wundvisite.

For hospitals

Seamless transfer and professional treatment at home means that wound patients can be discharged earlier. At the same time, repeat admissions are less likely to occur.

For nursing homes

Our ICW wound experts relieve the burden on care teams by supporting them in the treatment of wound patients throughout Germany.

For medical practices

With medical, you know you have a strong partner at your side who actively and continuously supports your patient on the road to healing. Including home visits, dressing changes and material deliveries.

We reduce medical wound management your costs and provide your patients with professional and reliable care.

We reduce your expenses and care for your patients professionally and reliably

medical – for a seamless transition from hospital to home

For the nursing staff, medical is like a life preserver. Because although nursing staff are always on site, there are many other tasks and patients to care for besides wound care. With medical at your side, the focus can again be on the patient as a whole, and best care possible can be provided.

medical’s professional services help to carry forward modern care methods and thus accelerate the patient’s recovery. In addition, medical’s personal welcome helps build trust with patients and reduce their fears and uncertainties to ensure a smooth transition from hospitalization to home.


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Start immediately with medical wound management

Our experts, nationwide:

Patrick Benedikt Mensing

Regionale Vertriebsleitung Nord & Ost

Nadja Lorenz

Regionale Vertriebsleitung Bayern

Ursula Schwibus-Maier

Regionale Vertriebsleitung Mitte & BaWü

Bettina Riegel

Business Development Managerin

Ina Reuß

Referentin Krankenkassen

Your strong partner at expert level

Our company stands for professional processes and approaches that work.

Always in view

The institutions that work with us to ensure the well-being of the patient. That’s why we always work in close consultation with our partners and use modern means such as digital wound rounds.

Kostenübernahme der Wundversorgung

Still any questions?
We have answers.

medical Wundmanagement is one of the leading wound care providers, supporting hospitals, nursing homes and private medical practices in smooth wound care and discharge management processes. Our partners benefit especially through cost savings:

Our structured and seamless wound care adoption results in faster discharges and lower rates of repeat admissions.

Should you have any questions or further concerns regarding wound or discharge management, Ms. Katharina Demirei will be happy to assist you at any time. Please feel free to contact her at the number on the right or contact us conveniently from anywhere via our website.

We will be happy to help you, clarify your concerns and help out wherever you need assistance.

The procedure for long-term cooperation with medical is as follows:

  1. Initially, registration takes place by telephone, via mail or directly online on our website.
  2. The next step is a visit to the hospital or via our digital wound visit. After the wound has been recorded, a prescription is then issued, which can be used to settle costs via the health insurance company and to suggest therapy methods.
  3. Wound care is then provided by our verified wound experts at the patient’s home. Instructions for nursing staff or relatives can also be provided by the wound manager.
    The wound visit then takes place at regular intervals, including detailed wound image documentation. Wound status, wound materials and any changes in care are precisely documented. These records, the respective wound status and wound image documentation can be viewed at any time. This type of documentation is, of course, also officially recognized by health insurance companies and the associated medical services.
  4. Alternatively, all these steps can also be performed digitally online. This requires a registration by medical and an expert opinion by a certified wound expert through our innovative video service.

Lose no time and get started!

The exact calculation of the cost savings depends on the individual case. Basically, however, massive savings result from:

  1. shorter hospital stays
  2. a significantly lower recurrence rate due to precise wound care and modern methods and materials
  3. referral to nursing services and care facilities
  4. time savings due to rapid patient admission
  5. cost savings with digital wound rounds
  6. coordination and structural savings, as the transition from hospital to nursing or private home is handled entirely via medical
  7. less bureaucracy

It’s not just our patients who benefit from medical but also the hospitals and nursing services.

Make an appointment now!

Personally there for you:

Katharina Demiray

Customer Service